Human technology interactions

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Technological development offers new possibilities to make people’s daily lives more healthy, safe, understandable, independent, fun and comfortable. New technologies provide us, for instance, with energy-friendly and sustainable solutions to improve the environment in which we live as well as tools for elderly people to live longer on their own. Furthermore, new technologies provide us with new means of communication and new ways of entertainment. Examples are smart phones, ambient intelligence and smart homes, online shopping and communities, 3D television and renewable energy technologies like hydrogen technology and is seems like technology is changing way how we living. There are 2 technology companies leading 2 times of this changing. Bill” Gates and his Microsoft bring personal computer into our daily life. People started to use online chat contact each other, sending e-mail instead of the traditional letter, reading and watching on Internet with computer. Generally, PC makes our life more easy and convenience. In my opinion, it changed our life a lot. The second time is from Steven jobs and his “apple”; they focus on the user experience concept. ISO defined user experience as people’s impression and response about products, which people already used or expect to use. Jobs’s philosophy is that Apple’s product is a personal tool to help individuals solve problems. Apple did not choose institutions or enterprises as its customers, but the individual as the target customers. In fact, Apple has never been successfully launched for the company’s products, which makes Apple’s focus on the individual user’s experience. From this aspect, the success of APPLE is they understand what people enjoy, feel convenience and comfortable. From these 2 examples above, we can find the relationship of human and technology, which is human-based technology. It is obviously that technology is changing human life more and more. Technology following human demand, it is evaluating faster and faster, technology gives surprising us when we wake up in the morning.
For these technologies to be really successful, people will need to be able to use them properly as well as trust, accept and adopt them. Human-Technology Interaction is typically concerned with topics that require a profound understanding of both the human and technological aspects. Usability, ergonomics, perception, cognition, decision-making, social psychology, consumer behaviour and environmental psychology are also including in this topic.
But also some criticism about human use technology. Because of technology device is more and more convenience, physical contact of human is going to not that important like before. For example, we all saw that people sitting in the same table waiting for dinner, but they don’t talk, playing with smart phone or computer, even they prefer to talk online with others but on conversation with the person who are facing to me. It is not good for developing human emotional communication. Sometimes, we would like to text to our parents rather than come to visit them. So I think we need to balance using technology and physical contact, which is human nature. Let technology make our life better and don’t loose what human already had in nature.

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