Intelligent housing energy system

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Following technology developing, there are more and more influences in different aspects of human life by technology, also human require more because of those high technology. The concept called intelligent homes has been mentioned. Like the movie” iron man”, Tony Stark (iron man)’s super smart intelligent house is a good example. That intelligent system can talk to people, understand people and help people to manage the whole house. The impressive part of iron man’s house is his energy system; it can produce energy by itself and manage this power intelligently. Our Scenario
Is asking us to think about individual life style in high technology situation. So self-energy produce and management is very important.

A Germany Company called alphaEOS, based on their innovative heating technology, they are developing a intelligent Home System, which can manage and forecast power source inside the house. This system use the EnOcean protocol to communicate with the home sensors and actuators, it is called B10 “active” housing.
Innovative Core of B10 “active” house is a set of management system, which can predict user’s needs and learn by itself.
B10 is connected to all the intelligent systems inside the house, which is including: energy storage, heat pumps, heating systems, lighting systems, stove, and two Daimler – Benz electric cars and two electric bicycles. “By connecting the electric vehicle with the indoor control system, they hope to build future, everyday life is more comfortable. CEO of German alphaEOS Jonathan Busse said. “If I leave the house in a hurry, alphaEOS system can automatically close all doors and windows, as well as stoves. Meanwhile, it will turn the power consumption to a minimum level. When I was driving electric cars near B10 ‘active’ housing, the door will automatically open, lighting and temperature were adjusted accordingly to my favorite mode.” So, according to the user’s daily activities, weather information and personalized settings, alphaEOS system can effectively predict user’s demand for residential comfort and mobility, and keep self-learning.
alphaEOS new APP make the smart home easier to use, build better user experience. Not only the beautiful user interface, but also the new APP interface will change following indoor conditions. When the outdoor light darkens, lighting control options will be moved to the front. Mr. Busse introduced, when the last person leave the house, all unnecessary electrical equipment will automatically shut down.
B10 “active” house can keep producing energy. A set of solar panels (PVT module) systems is placed on the roof, Supply heat and about 8300 kwh (degree) electric power. According to the calculation, all residential cost, including two electric cars, is 4000 kwh (degree) power in total. That means, B10 “active” house produce power, which equivalent to two times energy need itself!

This intelligent housing energy system can help us to ease the energy crisis, avoid energy worst. In the future, this high technology will change the way of human’s housing.

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