Primary research (Intelligent system)

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If people choose live individually and with high technology, what do they want?
An intelligent system maybe is a good answer, because people need help. Except human themselves, intelligent system is the one we can relay on. Follow the technology developing, intelligent system will help human more and more, and they will become more and more smart.
Intelligent robot.
Intelligent robot is the third generation robot that has a variety of sensors, which can fuse multiple sensor information, effectively adapt to the changing environment with strong adaptive ability, learning ability and self-government functions. There are two aspect of core problem in intelligent robotics research,
First one is how to increase intelligent robot ‘s autonomy, which means make intelligent robots more independent from people. As long as the operator give the task to robot, the machine can form steps and complete the task automatically. The other one is to improve the adaptability of intelligent robots, hoping to strengthen the interaction between the robot and the environment.
Intelligent robot has broad prospects for development, current research is in the third generation of robot intelligent robot stage, although this research has made many achievements, but its intelligence level is still unsatisfactory.
Smart phone
My mother said her first mobile phone only use for make a call to others,but now, she think she can do everything with her iPhone.
IPhone is leading the developing of smart phone. U.S. Apple Company in June 2007 started to sell iPhone. The phone is equipped with almost all operations are done with a touch screen user interface (UI), basically the same with PC Web browsers and e-mail capabilities, as well as interaction with iTunes music player software, which make the smart phone went to new step. Apple produced new functions on their iPhones, such as GPS, video player, and amazing Siri. Siri is a intelligent voice system, it can talk to people and answer questions. People can use voice to control iPhones through siri.
Fingerprint Identification System is another intelligent function after siri, it aims protect your personal information inside the phone. People can use their fingerprint to unlock their iPhones. Apple’s product is a good example of interaction between technology and human.

In the future, what intelligent system will be? We can find some possibility from some movies. “A.I.” is a movie talk about robots is smart enough; even they have emotion like human. So, if robots have love, how can we treat them? Does human has responsibility for those artificial intelligent robots?
Another movie called “ I, Robot” this story is about in the future, robots are smarter, stronger than human being. They have their own thinking and they can make decision. So the robot don’t want serve human any more, they start to against human. Both these 2 movies are talking about 1 issue, how people use intelligent technology right in the future.


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